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GM-11 Just Say No to Facebook Ads

GM-11 Just Say No to Facebook Ads

February 28, 2019

IMHO Facebook ads are a black hole you an I may never recover from. 

Too Dramatic?

I am not saying Facebook Ads have no value, they do! It is just that they have become a massively sophisticated platform that we simply do not have the skill set to effectively manage. 

That is you and I, the average content creator. 

Too many of my online colleagues will encourage you to take a course to unlock the power of Facebook ads and manage your campaigns yourself. 

More of my humble opinion........BAD IDEA! Listen to learn why!

GM-10 No Passion, No Path

GM-10 No Passion, No Path

February 21, 2019

This week's podcast was inspired by a coaching webinar I held last week. It was called "Discover Online Business" and it was focused on those just starting out in online business, reinventing themselves or looking to grow their online business.

The questions I was asked spoke to some universal challenges I believe we all face when we contemplate online entrepreneurship.  

 Who is my ICA (Idea Customer Avitar)? The person I am trying to attract, to serve.

What is my focus? What product will I ultimately sell and how do I determine exactly what it is?

So many of us look at the opportunities online, know we want to be there, but where to start? What to do?

Your Passion is a great place to start. 

GM-09 My Story

GM-09 My Story

February 14, 2019

You can teach an old dog new tricks, and the dog probably loves it! At least this old dog!

Building an Online Business has been a rewarding experience, financially and personally, however, there have been detours along the road.
This week I share with you some of the key milestones I passed as I built my Online Business.

I hope to offer some context, how long it takes, and where breakthroughs come from.


GM-08 Brian Fanzo - Millennials V Boomers

GM-08 Brian Fanzo - Millennials V Boomers

February 9, 2019

Brian Fanzo is a force of nature, a Millennial who has built a business showing brands the how and why of communicating with Millennials. 

Push the Damn Button is one of Brian's signature calls to action! He embraces tech on all fronts, but like me, he has a passion for putting the user in charge of the technology.

Learn more about Brian at iSocialFanz

GM-07 Essential Email

GM-07 Essential Email

February 1, 2019

I Know!

Email lists!!!!

Seriously Steve!

2006 is calling!

You are going to spend this whole episode talking about email lists?

Darn tootin!

I have only one thing to say: if you build a good solid email list, you will have a good solid online business.

If you build a freaking awesome mail list, you will have have a freaking awesome online business.

If you don't build an email list, no are on your own.

Here is a link to the post by our friends at OptIn Monster (they know a thing or two about list-building......just notice the aggressive popups when you read this article. This post talks about open and click-through rates......fascinating!

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