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GM-06 Ethical Online Marketing

GM-06 Ethical Online Marketing

January 24, 2019

I am certain that many of us are reluctant to enter the world of online marketing because if negative experiences we have had in the past when we felt we were being "hustled" by unethical online marketers. Essentially it has soured us to the whole concept.

That is a shame because the online space needs more marketers and content creators concerned with being ethical, and setting a good example.

In this episode of Grey Matters, we expolre some of  the less than ethical practces we find online, and what we can learn from those practices.


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GM-05- Phyllis Khare Drops some ’70s Gems!

GM-05- Phyllis Khare Drops some ’70s Gems!

January 17, 2019

I love Phyllis Kahre’s attitude, how she takes on every challenge head-on and dives in, no excuses!

You can find her at

Do you Grok This?

For those of you confused by our “blast from the past” riffing on Phyllis using the term, Grock.

It is a term coined in the Robert A Heinlein book, Stranger in a Strange Land (1961). A Science Fiction staple for all of us who grew up in the ‘70s.

What does it mean?

To Grok something is to understand it so fully that it becomes a part of you, and you of it. I probably butchered that description, but here is the Wikipedia Page 

GM-04 Building a Platform

GM-04 Building a Platform

January 10, 2019

 Building a Platform

Love this article from Yahoo

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Michael Hyatt wrote a great book on Platform, way back in 2012.

The most common building blocks of a platform include the following:

  1. Your own website, including your Blog/Vlog
  2. Mail List
  3. Regular Gigs Affiliations, such as regular guest appearances on TV, Radio, Print Gigs etc.
  4. Guest appearances on TV, Radio, Guest posts on Vlogs, Podcasts Collab videos or podcasts
  5. Speaking Engagements
  6. Social Reach, conversation, Facebook Twitter
  7. Social Publishing ,Instagram. YouTube, Twitch, FB Live
  8. Book Sales
  9. Individuals of influence that you know—personal contacts (organizational, media, celebrity, relatives) who can help you market at no cost to yourself, whether through blurbs, promotion, or other means


You Need to become Visible

Then you strive to be influential

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