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My top 5 Content Tools - GM40

May 11, 2020

I create a lot of content, and I do mean a lot.

Each week we strive to deliver:

  • 2 YouTube Videos
  • 1 Webinar
  • 1 Podcast
  • 1 Livestream (for ourselves)
  • 1 Livestream we host for a client.

Plus our community content, such as zoom meetings and coaching sessions for our members.

Each and every one of these content pieces need supporting graphics, promo material, social posts etc.

Like I said, a lot of content, and we do it with a team of 3.

These are my top 5 content Creation Tools I use. 

5- BitMoji -

4- Evernote

Here is a link to our introductory Evernote Course.
Evernote QuickStart

Pocket is an alternative more of a reading and research tool than a creations tool.

3- Invideo

2- Canva

1- Screenflow

Our Video Production Process -

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