Grey Matters, with Steve Dotto

Podcast Reboot - GM26

February 5, 2020
After far too long a hiatus, yes, let’s call this a hiatus, we are back.
Grey Matters is more committed than ever to serving the Grey Zone, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who are looking to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant in the Digital World.
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CNN posted a great debate between a Boomer and a Millennial:
"OK Boomer" started on the platform Tik Tok and exploded into the meme of the moment. Turns out young people trying to launch into a gig economy with little job security on a rapidly warming planet, with far less opportunity for the wealth and creature comforts that their parents and grandparents enjoyed (A car? A house? Ha!) don't want to be lectured by Baby Boomers, the generation who put them into this kind of shape.
From The Globe and Mail
Older, longer: The super-aging of Canadians has taken everyone by surprise
"When the pensions and public health-care systems that Canadians rely on today were first put in place in the 1960s, the life expectancy of a man was 69 years, just four years after he was likely to retire. But a man who turns 65 today will live, on average, another 19 years, and a woman will live another 22 years, according to Statistics Canada.”
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