Grey Matters, with Steve Dotto

Rapid Prototyping a Digital Course - GM 21

May 23, 2019
Today on Grey Matters I am going to share one of my genius ideas for rapid prototyping an online course.
You can deliver a course in days instead of months.
I have used this system to create more than 10 online courses and list builders. The most important part of the system is the Webinar  Delivery, which encourages questions which we use to fill in any important missing content from the curriculum.
1 Create a Slide Show (course content)
2 Record Screencast of presentation
3 Upload Video to Online service
4 Host Webinar  delivering content
5 Host Q&A in the webinar to flesh out the course content
6 Create supporting content based on Q&A
7 Host resulting content in LMS (Thinkific)