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GM-03 - Show Me the Money

GM-03 - Show Me the Money

December 28, 2018

Show Me The Money!

I would be lying if I told you that Content Marketing was a guaranteed path to riches.

It took me over 2 years of being a full time content creator before I was able to look at my income and feel some sense of security.

Is that representative of what you may experience, can you do it in a shorter time or will it take longer?

I have no idea, 2 years is how long it took me.

I do believe, however, that you can find success in the online world, and it is a matter of when, not if.

8 Ways I will Show You The Money

  1. Advertizing, using Google Adsense and others
  2. Affiliate Marketing, Amazon and others (
  3. Consulting
  4. Online Courses (
  5. Sponsored Content on YouTube, Blog or Podcasts
  6. Become an Author, building a platform
  7. Gig Economy - Writing, editing, accounting, managing, supporting
  8. Membership Sites and Online Communities

Creating a Podcast



In this episode:

The Big Leap

Gat Edwards

GM-02 Why I love webinars

GM-02 Why I love webinars

December 20, 2018

Why I Love Webinars

Having spent my entire career in traditional media, and I honestly believe that Webinars are the best way for many of us to build community. 

To essentially be able to create your very own private broadcast network, complete with comments and chat is nothing short of mindblowing!

One of the challenges in talking about Webinars, is they apply in so many vertical areas.

Key takeaways from this Podcast.

  1. Webinars are flexible
  2. Webinars are relevant
  3. You can leverage webinars
  4. Anyone can do Webinars
  5. Webinars are a fast track to KLT
  6. Webinars have unlimited reach

1) Webinars are flexible

  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Promotion
  • Entertainment

2) Webinars are relevant

People enter with intent

3) You can leverage Webinars

Record and create evergreen content

Outstanding lisbuilders

Gathering email addresses is a huge key.

4) Anyone can do a webinar

You can start out with just a few people

You get better as you go

Loads of great resources to teach you how

5) Fasttrack to Know, Like, trust (KLT)

6) Unlimited Reach


We have some great tutorials for you!

In this free training you will learn

4 key goals of EVERY Webinar
Steve's Webinar Tools and Setup
Managing the Live Event
Setting up your Webinar
Creating Hybrid Webinars
Analytics and statistics
What to do when things go wrong


I am constantly updating this free course which test the most popular Webinar platforms, helping you choose the right one for you.


Increase your skills, Increase your knowledge

Here are all of Steve's Recommended Tools on Amazon…..these are affiliate links

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Join us live each week for our weekly live tutorial webinar,

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GM-01-What is “Online Marketing” for the Grey Zone

GM-01-What is “Online Marketing” for the Grey Zone

December 13, 2018

Join Steve to explore the amazing wealth of options we have through the world of Online Content Marketing.

Online marketing is something I resisted being a part of when I was in transition from the world of traditional media to the online world.

I saw "online marketers" as scam artists, and did not really understand the community building aspect of content marketing.

The 5 Cs


  • Content
  • Conversation
  • Community
  • Conversion
  • Customer

Mari Smith, can be found at

Marcus Sheridan, aka The Sales Lion
You can find Marcus at

Check out his book, They Ask, You Answer,  it had a profound impact on how I approach marketing!


This is just episode 1 of our podcast. I look forward to your feedback, you will help me create a podcast that will be something special!


GM-00 - Welcome to Grey Matters

GM-00 - Welcome to Grey Matters

December 4, 2018

What is Grey Matters about, and who is if for?

We are glad you asked.

Grey Matters is for those in the "Grey Zone" primarily Baby Boomers and GenX, who are looking to remain relevant in the digital age.

We will talk about and teach online and content marketing, the tools and techniques to fire your imagination and show you how to take your experience and put it to work in the digital world.



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